Welcome to the Landmark Center for Behavioral Health

Our Mission: The Landmark Center for Behavioral Health was founded by David Krulee, M.D., with the goal of providing comprehensive psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment to individuals of all ages in central Connecticut. The Landmark Center for Behavioral Health offers a wide range of services including psychiatric assessment, neuropsychiatric testing, medication management, and individual, marital, family, and group therapy. Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment founded on mutual respect and quality care in order to maximize the opportunity for patients to improve their emotional and behavioral health and wellbeing.

Our Approach: At the Landmark Center for Behavioral Health we use a collaborative approach in which patients work with the psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist to design an individualized plan that considers their personal goals. With a great interest in psychiatric research, we provide treatment founded on the most current and innovative practices available. We pride ourselves on clinical excellence and the successful application of evidenced-based medicine. As such, we are able to accommodate individuals and families from a variety of different backgrounds and with a wide range of needs.

Our Values: In order to provide patients with quality care, we are committed to the values of respect, equality, and privacy. We believe that patients and practitioners achieve the most success when they have mutual respect for one another. Therefore, we respect our patients by listening to their opinions, understanding their goals, and providing them with choices in their care whenever possible. Furthermore, all individuals who walk through our doors are treated equally. We are conscious not to make immediate judgments about individuals and recognize the importance of taking the time to listen and understand our patients before discussing a treatment plan. Lastly, we place a high value on privacy and confidentiality and provide all of our patients with a notification of our privacy practices upon their first visit.